Fresh-baked PRETZELS
Delivered to your door and to locations across Northern Virginia.

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What’s Baking

Traditional Nordic

Where it all began. Our traditional Nordic Knot begins with organic, hard wheat flour blended with just the right amount of barley malt and magic. We hand roll each Knot, traditionally lye dip, then top with melted butter and kosher salt before baking to perfection.

Why Knot Both

When you just can’t make up your mind, Why Knot Both? We twist our traditional, organic Nordic Knot dough with one of our specialty Brewer’s Grain doughs to produce the best of both pretzel worlds.

Brewer’s Grain

To our traditional, organic Nordic dough, we hand grind specialty grains such as malted barley, malted rye or dark malted wheat to create a specialty dough unlike any other. Have a great beer recipe for your brewery? Let Nordic-Knot customize a pretzel to match your malt bill.

About Us

Nordic-Knot was born from a love of pretzels,
and as a way of twisting together family, friends, and community.

Malt & Salt Delivery

Know what goes great together? Pretzels and Beer.

It all began with a pretzel in a brown bag on the doorstep of a small brewery: A match made in Malt and Salt heaven. Now the magic can be delivered directly to your doorstep from the partnership of Lake Anne Brew House and Nordic-Knot. Please inquire about delivery options, pretzel party boxes, catering, and quantity discounts by clicking this link. Ready to place an order? Click HERE.

Happy Customers

Everything awesome about a pretzel… Chewy, hand-made twistiness with spent grains and malts to match your beers. Humongous enough to share, but you’re not gonna want to!

Jenn Griffith, Artist, Pretzel Connoisseur

Best pretzel I’ve ever had!

Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia


Fresh-baked pretzels, delivered to your door and to locations across Northern Virginia. Please contact us for orders and information.